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Main Features

  • Probiotic ultra-high energy with 300 billion active bacterias
  • 12 kinds of lactic acid bacteria scarce patent secret fermentation, full three-dimensional intestinal care
  • Lactobacillus bacteria plants can live in 90% of gastric acid by intestinal colonization, lactose, zero cholesterol, ultra low calorie fat.

Six Core Strengths

  1. This high-end fashion health drinks is developed by ALIONBIO Tech reserch laboratory in South Korea.
  2. US FDA certification authority - 12A safe and reliable health quality, has received US FDA's strict quality inspection authority and demanding certification.
  3. The highest activity of viable cells drinks - Higher than the market is much higher than the viable "30 billion" products 300 000 000 000 10x activity indicators, 12A easy removal of "Viable King" crown.
  4. The most potent plant bacteria drinks
  5. The most abundant species of lactic acid bacteria drinks
    12A, rich in 12 kinds of high-quality plant-derived lactic acid bacteria activity. Single species comparison with competing products, 12A bacteria can complement each other, full three-dimensional establish intestinal microflora balance, gut health care.
  6. The most fashionable drinks plant light
    12A, a non-dairy drinks natural plant, 0 fat 0 cholesterol, compared to competing products, milk drinks, with no protein allergy, ultra-low-calorie, vegan, easy to absorb the fashion light drinks. Botheration afraid not afraid of fat!

Nine Health Function

  1. Repair of gastrointestinal microflora colonies
    Human digestive tract under normal circumstances a large number of micro-organisms are parasitic, in terms of its effect, can be divided into three categories: ① useful type, when the ecological balance, vitamins and their protein synthesis, digestion and absorption, biological antagonism and immune functions beneficial to the human body. ② pathogenic type, the number of out of control can lead to cancerous lesions in the human body. ③ intermediate, which has both physiological and pathogenic two effects.
           Balance of microorganisms on the body's health is very important, and lactic acid bacteria can adjust this micro-ecological balance, protect the host normal physiological state. Lactic acid bacteria are often gut bacteria, after taking lactobacillus, you can change the intestinal environment, inhibit harmful bacteria multiply, adjust gastrointestinal flora balance.

  2. Ease constipation diarrhea corpuscles
    For some spoilage bacteria lactobacillus bacteria and low temperatures have a good inhibition, can be used for prevention and treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, colitis, constipation and intestinal disorders because of a variety of diseases caused.

  3. Improve digestion and promote intestinal motility
    Lactic acid bacteria can adjust large intestine motility, promoting the proper functioning of the intestinal tract, lactic acid bacteria can also produce digestive yeast, can improve the efficiency of digestion and absorption of food.
  4. Toru row places liver toxicity beauty
    Accumulation of stool in the gut, in the role of harmful bacteria produce toxic substances, if not excreted, it enters the blood circulation to the body. Lactic acid bacteria can promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation, and produce antimicrobial substances inhibit harmful bacteria breeding, blocking toxins into the blood, protect the stomach, health and beauty effects liver.

  5. Inhibit harmful bacteria cancer prevention
    Increase the population of beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus advantage of the intestine to help suppress harmful bacteria in the intestines, balance; at the same time can inhibit spoilage bacteria, digestion spoilage bacteria produce carcinogenic toxins, achieve the purpose of anti-cancer, thus reducing the chance of the body of cancer cells.

  6. Improve immune activation of phagocytic
    Lactic acid bacteria can significantly activate macrophage phagocytosis. On the other hand because it can in intestinal colonization, have important functional immunity, when bacteria and viruses, cancer cell proliferation, proliferation of blood can produce antibodies "globulin A", to fight harmful invasion and proliferation of cancer cells . Lactic acid bacteria also stimulate peritoneal macrophages induced by interferon, promote cell division, promoting the production of antibodies and cellular immunity, etc., they are able to enhance the non-specific and specific immune response, improve the body's resistance to disease.

  7. To help protect the heart and brain down three high
    Lactic acid bacteria can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, can reduce cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and heart artery disease in this population has a significant effect.

  8. The elimination of free radicals aging
    Lactic acid bacteria can improve the SOD enzyme activity, eliminate body of free radicals, inhibit oxidation. Thus has anti-aging, longevity, maintain the role of the young state.

  9. Synthetic VB and other beneficial substances
    Plants can produce lactic acid bacteria in the gut human body needs vitamin VK, VB2, VB6, VB12, RIBOFLAVIN, folic acid; and can inhibit enzymes destroy vitamin B1, vitamin B to make the gut to maintain stability.

Five Health Benefits

  1. Intestinal bowel live,
  2. Lightly lightweight
  3. Disease prevention
  4. Detox slimming
  5. Beauty