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  1. Anti-aging Cleansers

  2. Anhydrous Cleansers

  3. Acne Cares

  4. Peptide Moisturizers

    AminoCell peptide - Our original Peptide technology
    Cu2+ - Copper with Hexa peptide formula
    GC-100™ - Peptide for naturally enhanced and replenished skin
    CR Algebration™ - A natural dermabrassion type product
    CR Pepticeutic™ - Peptide technology proven to reduce wrinkles up to 67%
    CosmoForm™ - Custom foam technology for delivering active material
    MoistureSeal™ - Holds 800 times its weight in water, delivering deep hydration
    Oxy3 Peptide™ - Promotes cell renewal and increases oxygenation of the skin
    BotaniCell™ - Unique botanical technology that enhances the delivery of natural ingredients, combined with humectants and pure d-glucosamine
    RegenerCell™ - Quenches the skin with electrolytes and the natural mineral omponents found in sweat for hydration and restoration of the basal cell layer function

  5. MaleTesto Power™ for Men

  6. Natural Progesta Cream™ for Women

  7. Breast Enhancement Formula for Women

  8. Pain Management Formula
  1. CR Ascorb™ - Stabilized Vitamin C technology

  2. Revital-ICE™ - New generation in mousse formulations that crackling/sizzle on application, available for pain relief, age spots, sunscreen, aftercare for Laser surgery etc.

  3. MicroMatrix™ - Patent pending delivery system that helps repair the lipid. barrier

  4. Firmalogic™ - Provides instant firming of fine lines and wrinkles, while delivering the greater benefits of proteins.

  5. HTA-7™ - Amino peptide based human growth hormone releaser.

  6. HGH Sprays

  7. Hi-Quality Minerals

  8. NOPAL Juice Extract
    - NOPAL Powder
    - NOPAL Pastry
    - NOPAL Whole Food

  9. Diet Juice
  1. HTA-7™ Chewable Tablet format

  2. Xnadrine™ formula - Promotes Natural health enhancement.

  3. Stimilax™ - Male Stamina solution.

  4. Female Stamina with HTA7
  1. Peptide Mask Series
    - Liposome Peptide
    - Helix Peptide
    - Amino Poly Peptide
    - EH Hexa-Peptide
    - EH Penta-Peptide

  2. Peptide Treatments
    - Peptide Moisturizers
    - Serums
    - Instant Effect Eye cares

  3. InhibiCell™ - Complex that naturally targets and slows hair growth.

  4. HR-Matrix™ - Amino poly peptide based hair growth formula.

  5. Liposome Delivery Systems

  6. Skin Protectant

  7. Progesteron Cream

  8. Lip Enhancement

  9. Arosca™ Formula