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PEPTYON for MEN is an all peptide formulated sexual enhancer that is a safe, ultimate way to increase performance and stimulate pleasure during sexual activity. It combines special blends and extracts that are pro-sexual, providing a direct, immediate pathway to physical and sexual revival. Our Proprietary blend has an aphrodisiac effect on the hormones, promoting enhanced performance and a fuller sexual experience for men.

PEPTYON is primarily sold only through private label distribution Program

to a diverse group of distributors and retailers predominantly in the nutraceutical industry, including specialty food retailers, mass-market drug stores, multi-level marketers, catalog marketers, retail distributors, direct mail sellers, infomercial marketers, and international distributors.

Formulation adjustments as well as different packaging options are available to suit local legislation in International Markets. Please send us your inquiry for our review.

Made for Various Shape and Color (Actual Sample Shot)

(Natural Capsule Format)
(Color Capsule Format)
(Tablet Format)
(Soft Gel Format)

Program Support
iLAB is ready to provide Export Assistance, Export Certificates, Certificates of Free Sale, Literature Support, and full marketing support with Packaging and Label Design.

iLAB manufactures PEPTYON from Chatsworth, California, U.S.A., and distributes the product throughout the world. Several channels of distribution are employed, each supported by marketing efforts directed from the corporate headquarters. This program represents one such channel, and seeks to establish local points of distribution in partners' countries. The program will be continued in as many points of the world as the markets permit.

Program Partners
iLAB will set up partnerships with strong, established distribution businesses. It is the goal of this effort to produce high sales volume at margins profitable to both partners. In many countries, this will require that the local partner have established relationships with retail outlets, or other means of making sales to end consumers.

Program Duration
The relationships between iLAB and its partners will continue for a set contract period, usually one year, subject to modification clauses. Renewal of the partnership shall occur at the agreement of both parties. It is the purpose of this program to provide long-term, profitable relationships. To that end, renewal of agreements will depend greatly on the mutual benefits the arrangement provides.

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(Available Soon)

Natural Progesterone body cream with transdermal delivery to counter-balance the effects of estrogen dominance in woman.

Researchers have documented the potentially harmful affects of excessive estrogen known as "estrogen dominance". This process occurs because there is an over-abundance of estrogen and estrogenic substances in the food we eat and in our modern environment. It is widely believed that most woman over the age of 35 have hormones levels that are out-of-balance. Your body needs natural progesterone to counter-balance the toxic effects of estrogen dominance.

Recent studies have shown that menopause problems, PMS, fibroids, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and fibrocystic breasts have a direct correlation in women with estrogen dominance. Carefully formulated to address the needs of woman experiencing the impact of estrogen dominance, PROGESTERA is a synergistic blend of natural Progesterone. It is produced entirely from natural ingredients and is fragrance-free and non-oily.

Our unique transdermal delivery method, allows the natural Progesterone cream to absorb directly into the skin. This process enables a high absorption rate, which results in as much as 90% of the active ingredients reaching the cells where they are needed most.

PROGESTERA body cream may promote the following:

* Relief of PMS symptoms
* Easier transition through menopause
* Improved libido and sexual energy
* Enhanced mood and feeling of wellness
* Better Skin and reduced acne

PROGESTERA is designed as an alternative for woman seeking a Safe, Effective and Natural way to balance estrogen levels. Our 2 oz. clinically hygienic pump contains about a 30 day supply and delivers the optimal daily dose of 25 mg of Progesterone.*

Your inital use of the pump may require several vigorous pumps to activate the flow of cream.

Recommended Daily Usage:

One full press of the pump dispenses the recommended 25 mg of natural Progesterone. Alternate the area of application each time between face, chest, inner arms and thighs, follow label instructions.